Heavy and Weird Presents: Collapse Into Now – Volume One – Artist Announcement – Papperbok


Heavy and Weird Presents: Collapse Into Now – Volume One

A night of new Progressive, Experimental, Psychedelic and Pop music from Brisbane and Beyond – true future music

Thursday 8th December 2016 – 6:00pm at the Bearded Lady – $10.00 entry fee

Artist Announcement:



Ever since the mid-2000’s Brisbane has been promising to produce a pop band capable of taking over the world and since about 2010 we’ve watched them all fade away, break up or attempt to pathetically move onto the next trend. We’re confident in saying that finally Brisbane has the band capable and it is Papperbok and on their debut album “Girlk” they don’t waste anytime proving why they will ascend to become the new pop music elite.

Imagine Pink Floyd only with more shoegaze aesthetics and post-rock drama then mix it with all of the great British mood bands of the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s then you’ll get close to what makes Papperbok special. For every pop hook there is a moody interlude swaying in and out allowing there music to move along like one big track. All of the players in the band are masters of their craft and know the perfect time to be silent but also attack. This makes their proggier moments more interesting and the pop songs a more direct punch. It’s nice to hear a band lean on their influences but not get too nostalgic about it. You can certainly hear that Papperbok are disciples of The Flaming Lips, Blur, Radiohead and The Beatles but they don’t steal or replicate, they re-invent these established dynamics to help create their own unique sonic dialogue.

Useful Links:

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/Papperbok
Bandcamp – https://papperbok.bandcamp.com/
MySpace – https://myspace.com/papperbok
Triple J Unearthed – https://www.triplejunearthed.com/artist/papperbok


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