Heavy and Weird – Anniversaries – 1967 – Albums Turning 50 – January 4, 1967 – “Self-Titled” by The Doors

This is the debut release from The Doors who would go on to be one of Rock N Roll’s most unique and influential bands of all time. Aesthetically their are lots of firsts on this record, little pockets of sound that would inspire generations of artists. 

At the core of the album however was a heavy blues sound that was given new life through the unique Filter of each player in this band. Of course Jim Morrison is the star but his poetry is given purpose and added drama by Densmore, Krieger and Manzarek. 

It was an odd combination of influences but the chemistry of the band helped birth a new sound that added a new kind of darkness to the psychedelic rock movement. No one had ever gone this deep before and the fact that the album was a hit demonstrates a lot about that era in that new radical sounds were embraced and celebrated by a mainstream audience instead of being delegated to the underground. 

To my ears, this album was the birth of Punk, Metal, Prog and Psych Rock. The Doors were the very epitome of Alternative Rock and responsible for the decades of art or avant-garde inspired rock music that was to follow. 

Favourite Track: The End

By: Dan Newton

Listen to the album on the following link:



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