Heavy and Weird – Anniversaries – 1977 – Albums Turning 40 – January, 14 1977 – “Low” by David Bowie

When it comes to David Bowie, “The Berlin Era” is quite a monumental piece of his discography. Two of those albums were released in 1977 and are turning 40 this year. The first album released in the trilogy was the album “Low”

There is pain, there is passion and although it unfolds in a very minimal way the music on “Low” engulfs every part of your being. On a dark highway driving it will open your heart to the swoon of the ache, lying flat on your back with the lights turned off in your room and the headphones on it will take you deep inside your mind and help give you the space to answer some deep philosophical questions. It will haunt you and fuck, it will make you shiver. 

The best part of all is that it will keep you wanting more and you will reach to press repeat on the stereo over and over again. Like all good trilogy’s it is the perfect introduction to the drama. When I listen to this album I hear how influential it has been to so many different artists.

Favourite Track: Warszawa

By: Dan Newton 

Listen to the album on the following link:


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