Heavy and Weird – Anniversaries – 1977 – Albums Turning 40 – January, 23 1977 – “Animals” by Pink Floyd

One of the most overlooked albums in Pink Floyd’s discography is 1977’s “Animals” – a record which seemed to be the one most punk rockers pointed to as an example of how bloated rock music had become. It was unfairly judged and misunderstood by both the fans and critics of the band. 

Continuing the progressive sound forged on “Wish You Were Here,” “Animals” goes deeper lyrically in expressing Roger Waters disdain towards how society was progressing using three animals (Dogs, Pigs and Sheep) to illustrate this. The music is rawer and heavier with more traditional rock aesthetics helping assist the psychedelic sounds reach those far out places required. 

In a lot of ways “Animals” is Pink Floyd returning to the earlier formulas of records such as “Atom Heart Mother” and “Meddle” but with more confidence and overall direction. All in all the music is a strong reminder that despite their knack for extreme experimentation, at the core of Pink Floyd was a rock band capable of connecting to you emotionally with a great groove and heavy riff. The other bells and whistles only helped enhance those simple dynamics giving them a unique place in the rock n roll history book. 

The irony is that this album is more punk rock than the bands and artists of the era give it credit for. This is typical of how most punk rockers think and a true reflection of how punk rock was invented long before a group of trendy assholes in England formed the first manufactured pop band (Sex Pistols). At least Pink Floyd got a bit radical with punk rock and “Animals” for that reason alone is an essential punk rock classic.

Favourite Track: Dogs

By: Dan Newton

Listen to the album on the following link: 


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