Heavy and Weird – Anniversaries – 1987 – Albums Turning 30 – January 19, 1987 – “Warehouse: Songs and Stories” by Husker Du 

The final album from Punk Rock pioneers Husker Du is also one of their strongest statements. Despite tensions within the band causing a clear division in what direction the sound was going to take, the end result is a cohesive collection of songs which display that they were always one of the worlds greatest pop acts. 

The formula established on earlier albums continues but Mould and Hart display a greater level of maturity in the execution of their songs. The music feels more urgent in its catchiness with the heaviest moments being enhanced by the personal conflict within the band. 

Ultimately it is their finest hour musically but once again, as is the case with most of closed minded punk rock pests, it was overlooked and negatively critiqued by the bands hardcore fans. Had the band stayed together and continued to evolve the sound found on this record there is every chance they would have tasted mainstream success courtesy of the big alternative rock boom of the 1990’s. 

Unfortunately that was not meant to be but if you listen carefully you can hear Husker Du’s influence all throughout the 90’s in bands who broke the mainstream. 

Favourite Track: She’s a Woman (and now he is a Man)

By: Dan Newton 

Listen to the album on the following link:


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