Song of The Week – “Lexapro” by VOIID

Photo By: Seamus Platt

It’s hard for me to fathom but it has been almost seven years since I first became a fan of VOIID and it brings me great joy to be featuring them this week in the “Heavy and Weird” song of the week. In doing my research for this article I was reminded of what I wrote about them back on 30th September 2016 when I first heard them via their first ever single release and in the interest of demonstrating my admiration for their art I feel I need to quote the paragraphs from said review – so stick with me please as I muster up a verbose ramble and read from a prepared statement:

“There was a quote from Kurt Cobain at some point during his life where he said that the next great rock revolution would be lead by a woman or something like that. Whilst I don’t want to get too political I think it’s a relevant stance because in this godforsaken local music scene known as Brisbane, the only relevant music being made and the only music that resonates with me is the stuff driven by Female Human Beings. Make of that what you will but you know, there is only so much “hell fuck yeah” I can fucking take and I feel like VOIID might be the antidote to all that white middle class macho rock bullshit that is swelling both above and below ground at the moment.

The bands sole recording exists via the following SoundCloud and YouTube link and it is a 1 minute and 18 second pure kool thing lo-fi rock n roll thrill – put on the headphones and turn it up loud:

The production is supreme and perfect for this musical communication delving deep into the whole late night party drunk as fuck boredom shtick. This approach truly amps up the vocals and adds a nice contrast to the crunch of the guitar as it creeps along like a distorted washed out sigh. VOIID combine smart lyrics with simple pop melodies all the while slapping together some righteous chords that mix the hiss of shoegazing and the dust and dirt of the whole Sebadoh aesthetic. It has one foot in the past and one foot in the future and displays a desire to at least re-shape some of the established dynamics of the genres influencing them. Whilst the music is more party than arty there are hints of surrealism and dadaism weaving in and out of their overall presentation. There is a mystique to it all and that mystery begs repeated listens. This song alone hints at future punk rock greatness and I can see this band taking it all the way, from the house party to the festival stage.

This is smart music and I’m a big fan of what VOIID is communicating. I get the feeling that in 12 months time they’ll also be everyone else’s favourite band as well but for now, keep them as your own little secret before you have to share them with the rest of the world.”

In the period of time since I wrote this review VOIID have taken over and gone on to become one of Australia’s best live bands. They have continued to release outstanding music and pushed their sound to various extremes but in the process they have never lost their core punk rock aesthetic that looms large over their approach to music and politics. This focus on artistic growth, integrity, chaos and a fierce cathartic rush of riffs and pop skills reaches divine levels on their latest single “Lexapro” which was released last week.

The production is huge and the riffs are thick and plenty. There has always been a deep existential sigh jumping out of their songs and on “Lexapro” we get a masterclass on how to sing about complex human emotions in a raw and honest manner. If the rumours are true and there is a heavy appreciation of Korn within VOIID then you can really hear how their writing style and in particular the stylings of Jonathan Davis has impacted the vocal approach on this track. Not enough is written about the genius of Jonathan Davis and how like Robert Smith before him he has given so many artists the bravery to approach their art with a level of vulnerability and aggression without sacrificing the need for huge anthemic melodies. As a rock band Korn know the power of the payoff riff and the liftoff chorus that soars and rushes through you cleansing all of the dirt and dirge of your internal pain. There are many examples of this throughout the Korn discography but two songs that demonstrate it best are “Thoughtless” from their 2002 album “Untouchables” and “Black Is The Soul” from their 2016 album “The Serenity of Suffering” and although this is not a Korn review you can reference the songs below.

Why is it important to include this in my VOIID review?

Well to my ears “Lexapro” offers the same kind of cathartic bliss and when the riffs and vocals of the chorus hit you feel that part of you that needs to be understood and seen be fully embraced and you reach pure escapism. It’s like a warm understanding hug but it also makes you want to bang your fucking head and jump into a moshpit and feel the communal joy of loud rock music played live. Perhaps I am overanalysing it but I just get so excited when I hear this song and I hope it inspires the same kind of joy in you when you hear it.

By: Dan Newton

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Single Cover Photography by: Seamus Platt

Single Artwork by: soapstarenergydrink

Engineered By: Matt Cochran at Birthday Boy Studios

Extra Production by: Caleb

Mastered by: Matt Grey

To hear the Heavy and Weird Song of the Week just follow the playlist below on Spotify – stay tuned for plenty more songs – thank you for your support and please go and support these artists that I share – don’t just stream them – buy tickets to their concerts when you can, buy their merchandise and buy their albums on a physical format – respect the artists you consume by paying for it


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