EP Review: Self-Titled by KRUNJ

photo by: Rachael Baskerville

As a collective KRUNJ have made a fantastic EP. It is the sound of a group of humans who care deeply about music and is the right mix of disciplined arrangements and experimental explorations. It is this collision of aesthetics that gives them a sound that is unable to be defined. There are touches of so much that jumps out but they never go for the easy route of anchoring their music to a defined genre or set of creative parameters. For all their pop skills, these songs move with breathtaking unpredictability making it a real journey of a listen.

The other amazing part of this EP is how it plays out as one piece of communication. The cohesive flow from track to track is in the prog rock tradition but moves and grooves in and out of the rule book. It all works together and conceptually the lyrical journey links each track offering great depth to the instrumentation. On a scientific level the production is world class and despite the layered sound it still has space and breathes with a psychedelic breeze that never feels claustrophobic. It instead feels open and warm with the more mind bending passages offering peaceful escapism and immaculate wonder. It can be tricky to get the mix right of a very full sound. Often it can end up sounding dense and emotionally flat however KRUNJ have avoided this and the dynamics of the performances and emotional delivery of each player is front and centre.

The vocal performance from Kimberly Hanson is also incredible. To draw on such deep emotional pain as a singer can be a hard task and it takes bravery to put such raw emotion out into the atmosphere but Kimberly has really found her place within the complex musical arrangements and it is a standout performance. You can tell this means something to her and that she has something to say. There is a lot for the listener to connect to when it comes to Kimberly’s lyrics and the complex emotions fuelling them and the melodies. The music of KRUNJ almost acts as the best insight to the great suffering she must endure personally to bring us the joy that is Kimberly as a person.

I can’t wait to see where KRUNJ take it from here. They have the foundation to explore so much terrain as a group. The best part is that no one sounds like them and that is always the most positive starting point. The art of Janelle Monáe and Erykah Badu comes to mind when I hear this EP. I am not going to predict where they will take it but I can only imagine it will be down a path similar to these fearless artists who did things on their terms and made the music they wanted. It is a strong debut EP and all involved should be proud of it.

By: Daniel James Newton

KRUNJ release their debut EP on all digital platforms this Friday

If your in Brisbane you can also catch KRUNJ live this Saturday as they launch their EP with a killer line-up at The Bearded Lady – details below

poster artwork by; Marli Blanche

Useful Links:



Rachael Baskerville


Marli Blanche

KRUNJ’s debut EP was recorded by Daniel Mahler, mixed by Cody McWaters and mastered by Andrew Edgson from Studios 301

Daniel Mahler

Cody McWaters


Studios 301


KRUNJ and Heavy and Weird acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the land on which we work, the Jagera and Turrbal people. We pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging.

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