After spending the past decade being an underground music world champion Dan Newton has finally jumped from artist to entrepreneur and is proud to announce the launch of his record label “HEAVY AND WEIRD RECORDS” – Established in late 2012 – Heavy and Weird originally started as an online blog that covered music, politics and art. After a fruitful couple of years as building himself as one of the most honest and thoughtful critics in the blogosphere Dan made a decision to expand the Heavy and Weird universe to go just beyond being another music blog.

Steeped in the tradition of Dischord and Ipecac “HEAVY AND WEIRD RECORDS” is a boutique label for Dan to release music he believes needs a voice, and that is otherwise ignored by the music industry in general.  Dan is also focusing on working with other artists outside of his community to help expand Heavy and Weird from being strictly a Brisbane based organisation.

Heavy and Weird Blog

Heavy and Weird Blog – https://heavyandwierd.wordpress.com/

To have your music reviewed by Heavy and Weird’s music blog please send all associated press releases to heavyandweirdblog@gmail.com

If you make noise then we’re happy to listen and write words about said noise, we have no genre preference. We can’t promise we’ll make you famous, but we’ll vomit all kinds of honesty and passion into a blog about what it is you create.

Head Jerk Off / writer / editor = Dan Newton
Writers = Clint Morrow and Roger Killjoy
Occasional Writing and Photos = Thomas Oliver

Useful Contacts:

Blog – https://heavyandwierd.wordpress.com/
Twitter – https://twitter.com/HeavyWeirdBlog
Email – heavyandweirdblog@gmail.com

Heavy and Weird Records

Artist Roster

1. Galapogos – www.facebook.com/galapogosbrisbane
2. Thirteen Seventy – https://www.facebook.com/thirteenseventy
3. Chip and Macca Play The Hits – https://www.facebook.com/dickoriceallsorts
4. Beach Massacre Circa 1885
5. Giovanni Zorzan
6. Thomas Pang
7. Conversations We Ate For Breakfast
8. Silk Shivers
9. Daniel James Newton – https://www.facebook.com/shitonthecarpet

To enquire about or book any of the above artists please email heavyandweirdrecords@gmail.com

If you are interested in having your music released by Heavy and Weird Records then please just email us and we’ll see what we can do


One Reply to “About”

  1. Is this the same Dan Newton that frequented pseudo political/Music of Roger Waters BBS late 90’s? Username Apbasos9. If so TheGunnersDream and Lixcaliber are keen to touch base again.

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