SINGLE OF THE WEEK: “Silverline” by Hawkmoon


Artist: Hawkmoon
Song: Silverline

Hawkmoon are in full Rock N Roll revival mode with their fantastic new single “Silverline” which is out today.

Kicking off with a Beatlesesque Psych Pop guitar line, the song explodes into a groovy swagger that illustrates the bands enthusiasm for big hooks and tasty riffs. This is the kind of rock music that inspires you to dance as opposed to mosh and that makes it an extremely sophisticated piece of songwriting.

This is but a glimpse of what the band has in store for their upcoming debut album. There is a great hint of creative growth since the bands early material and its clear that “Silverline” is going to be one of the many examples of why Hawkmoon are a band to take notice of in 2017 and beyond.

By: Dan Newton

You can stream the song via this link:




HEAVY AND WEIRD PRESENTS: Loving The Alien – A Tribute To David Bowie – Artist Announcement – eight of nine – Pat Hehir


Heavy and Weird are proud to announce the eighth of nine artists performing at “Loving The Alien: A Tribute to David Bowie”

Pat Hehir

Pat Hehir is the lead singer for Brisbane rock band Hawkmoon. A lover of pop music and the art of rock n roll, Hehir is a rare commodity among the stylish Brisbane music landscape because he deals and trades in sincerity as opposed to the fashion of the day. The sound and mood of his music harks back to the mid to late 90’s and early 00’s where bands like Powderfinger, Custard and You Am I dominated that youth demographic of 18 to 24 and served as the soundtrack to a summer spent doing wonderfully pointless things in New Farm Park whilst fighting a “three bottles of wine” hangover and trying ever so hard to impress girls named Emily and Jill and Beth who have become more interested in ecstasy culture as opposed to rock guitars now that they have returned from London.



It is Hehir’s sincerity as a songwriter that is the key to his authenticity and throughout his short career he has highlighted that sometimes the most experimental thing you can do as an artist is to strip back music to its most basic elements and to tell a story rooted in a deep emotional yearning. If Springsteen lived in the Sunshine State he may have sounded like Pat Hehir but comparisons aside, Hehir is just beginning to showcase what he’s capable of and when he’s in full flight it’s the kind of music that saves lives.

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“Right now, it feels as if the solar system is off it’s axis, as if one of our main planetary anchors has lost it’s orbit. That said – I am certain that wherever Bowie is now – I want to be there someday.” – Micheal Stipe

For 69 years David Bowie was a gift bestowed upon planet earth to help our species understand the power and importance of pop music. There was something truly Alien about his presence that gave hope to the freaks among us that we had a spokesman. His curiosity for the weird and wonderful avant-garde artforms helped inform and influence the music he made. Bowie understood and believed in the unpopular, the insignificant and the overlooked humans of society and he gave them a voice. David Bowie was a warm hug for the alienated youth of every generation from 1960 through to 2016 and his influence and power went way beyond just being another pop singer. He invented new ways of communicating musically and he also championed the artists and bands that the music industry elite chose to ignore. There is a lot to celebrate when it comes to David Bowie but his greatest legacy is the way he has inspired the other aliens among us to pick up an instrument and to express themselves through art and music.

Despite his iconic fashion statements it was Bowie’s music that mattered most and on 14th May 2016 Heavy and Weird are proud to be curating their first live musical event – “Loving The Alien” – A Tribute to David Bowie

This event will see a diverse group of artists pay tribute to the music of David Bowie and to dive a bit deeper into his catalouge to share with you some of his most popular and unpopular songs. This is a celebration of alienation and how Bowie’s music helped save and give purpose and comfort and remedy to that feeling of being different to everyone else.

Stay Tuned for our Line-Up announcement

All proceeds from the event will be donated to the Leukemia Foundation

Saturday 14th May 2016 at The Bearded Lady
138 Boundary Street West End

Doors Open: 6:00pm
Cost: $10.00



Album Reviews

“Black Rat” by DZ Deathrays


On their second album “Black Rat” DZ Deathrays continue to evoke the soothing sounds of an elevator inoffensively entertaining its passengers on their short journey.


“Singles” by Future Islands


A clichéd mix of electro pop / rock / radio music designed for the boring and the beige and the clever kids who haven’t worked out the difference between great commerce and great pop music.


“Built On Glass” by Chet Faker


This is an album full of music so meaningful it is meaningless with a few new shades of beige added to this borecore classic.


“Eagulls” by Eagulls


Once Eagulls gets past the dynamics of 1990’s indie guitar rock music and find their own voice they will be outstanding but right now they are the brighter side of mediocre.

“DMA’s” by DMA’s


Wow, this is the most boring movement of music I’ve heard all year. This is so boring I needed to write two sentences to outline just how uninspiring and manufactured this sounds. Now I need three sentences, fuck, this is a new adventure in how far modern youth culture are willing to go to express how privileged and spoilt the internet has made them.


“Supermodel” by Foster The People


The brand new album “Supermodel” by Foster The People is an album built by squeaky clean people for squeaky clean people, an incredibly neat and tidy record.


“Atlas” by Real Estate


This is a fantastic album made by people who respect the float and ache of dream pop.


“Oddments” by King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard


This is very safe music and you can’t go wrong with making watered down 60’s / 70’s psych pop music but in terms of weirdness this music should appeal to the same people who think that “Garden State” was an arthouse film.


“Everything’s A Thread” by The John Steel Singers


I sat and listened to this album over the course of a month in order to find the weirdness and the experimentation but all I ended up finding was a band trying to stay relevant by throwing a few psych and (sigh) jam songs into a mix of rather clichéd indie pop.




EP Reviews

“Apollo / Hung Up On Your Wall” by Sacred Shrines


A very traditional mix of psych rock with enough weirdness to be an incredibly interesting prospect for those who ache for the future to be soundtracked with droned out pop music.


“Harsh Out” by Black Pines


This is the kind of noise that makes me feel beautiful, a truly haunted mix of experimental guitar noise that showcases what real experimental music should sound like – the rest of you need to take note and start doing a better job




Single Reviews

“Broken Window” by Hawkmoon


After spending the better part of four years paying tribute to their influences Hawkmoon finally deliver a delicious slice of originality and finally show that they are discovering their own voice and it sounds fucking magnificent, perfect pop music.


All Reviews By: Dan Newton


SINGLE REVIEW: “Bull At A Gate” by Hawkmoon


If Hawkmoon were a band from the Seattle Grunge Movement they’d be The Posies for sure. What this basically equates to is that instead of the angst, punk rock, heavy metal, psychedelia, Minor Threat / Black Flag infused hardcore and classic / hard rock hat tips that the big seven illustrated (Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Soundgarden, The Melvins, Mudhoney, Alice In Chains and Screaming Trees), Hawkmoon favour power pop. That’s not to say that Hawkmoon sound or have pop skills like The Posies but it does give you a good starting point as to the spirit that is alive in their music.

The band has just released a new single called “Bull at a Gate” and it is a straightforward slab of Australiana flavoured power pop. The sound and mood of this track harks back to the mid to late 90’s and early 00’s where bands like Powderfinger, Custard and You Am I dominated that youth demographic of 18 to 24 and served as the soundtrack to a summer spent doing wonderfully pointless things in New Farm Park whilst fighting a “three bottles of wine” hangover and trying ever so hard to impress girls named Emily and Jill and Beth who are more interested in ecstasy culture as opposed to rock guitars now that they have returned from London.

That’s not to say that “Bull at a Gate” is totally suffocated by Nostalgia; there are modern flourishes in the dynamics that inch themselves towards bands like The Black Keys and Kings of Leon with textures and tones that show a heavy amount of hero worship towards anything and everything Homme. This is indeed a song in its more traditional sense with adequate verses, chorus’, bridges and appropriate reprises that is kept together with a rhythmic swagger and healthy yet all too familiar melody.

As a song it works but in terms of sonic evolution for the history of music and Hawkmoon themselves (compared to their first EP) it falls short but as I always maintain, sincerity is the key to authenticity and Hawkmoon communicate with an excited sense of glee allowing for the overall vibe of “Bull at a Gate” to sound convincing. It is that conviction that allows those thirsty for nostalgia and meat and potatoes to eat this song up.

My tastes are more geared towards weirdness within the pop music and rock n roll formats so it can be hard for me to get overwhelmed by “Bull at a Gate” as a song but I think that as previously mentioned, it is its sincerity that makes me believe that with time Hawkmoon will find their way to that weirdness and find their own unique way to communicate pop music to the world.

The new single by Hawkmoon is called “Bull at a Gate” and it is a power pop adventure with a rhythm and blues swagger framed nicely with a pure Brisbane melody. All in All a solid illustration of songwriting and 1990’s rock n roll fury.

By: Dan Newton

Listen To “Bull at a Gate” via the following video:

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