SINGLE REVIEW: “Rush” by Ghost Mutt

The primary function of music – beyond being a source of entertainment – is for it to be a vehicle for you to be able to express your emotions as a human being. It doesn’t matter whether you are an artist creating music or a fan who likes to listen and consume music, the end result of pure catharsis and release from all of the weight of this existence is central to the joy of the art form. We can debate the intellectual merit of genre and the worth of certain styles and aesthetics but it becomes pointless when we are talking about what a song makes us feel and how it will help facilitate that need for salvation in the darker moments of being alive. That is the great duality of music, it can arrive out of an authors deepest and most intense experiences but summon such joy in all who listen and consume it. Whilst it is not vital for music to be rooted in misery and darkness it can be a great building block and entry point for an artist to craft the mood and atmosphere that stalks them in order to communicate complex emotional themes.

Some artists and bands take time to find a way to create and express themselves with such accuracy whereas others tap into a special kind of frequency that is dripping with an ancient kind of ache allowing the music to sound utterly breathtaking and instantly timeless. You know when you are hearing music of this nature because it hits you like all future classics and ends up haunting you with its spooky ability to offer total emotional resonance. It is like the music has always been part of you and the artists responsible for creating and recording this sonic piece of divinity were the creative conduits lucky enough to be present to capture these frequencies within the atmosphere and that somehow through a bit of science and spiritual intervention a new bunch of noise was meditated on and from it a song of pure purpose was allowed to exist. As wildly religious as that sounds it is sometimes beyond human comprehension just how the muse works and what the artist is able to tap into when they go deep within their emotional landscape to find the point where inspiration and creation meet.

A song that is the perfect example of this is “Rush” by Ghost Mutt. It offers a wonderful cathartic release and is the warm hug you need in this era of darkness we find ourselves in as a species. It has been crafted with care and plays out like every moment matters when it comes to the deeper emotional core of its melodic and lyrical purpose. Whether it is the calm groove of the rhythm section anchoring the complex ache of the melodies with a great deal of stability or the expressive yet subtle explosion of guitars, keyboard and synths that saturate the mood with psychedelic heat it all acts as the perfect foundation for the kaleidoscope of vocals to surround you and give you the safety to let go and nestle into the atmosphere of the song allowing you to find your space within the melancholy and exultation of the chorus which arrives with such purpose that you can only sigh with the deep euphoric roar of “I know exactly how they feel” and then collapse into a blubbering mess as you process how once again you have found music that understands what it is you are going through with this human experience. Art and Music this perfect reminds us why we need the artist to bravely communicate what so many of us are afraid to feel and in the process help us learn something about what it is to be alive and stuck in a constant state of dealing with loss and the cycles of grief.

This song saved my life and I am so grateful that Annabelle Bingley decided to become a main character and assemble a group of humans to facilitate her journey as an artist. Each individual player in Ghost Mutt bring a level of artistry and talent to “Rush” and it becomes clear that these are people who love and understand the power of music. It may be our first glimpse of what is to come from their debut album but as a preview “Rush” functions as a flawless pop song in debt to so many influences but unique and without peer. This is the sound of the past, present and future of art and music meeting and not needing genre to define its purpose or reason for existing. That is the revolution I hear in this song and group because it is art and music created beyond the ambition of fame and fortune. This is music that exists because these humans needed to express themselves and in the process help their community out by being the new shining light for how music and art need to evolve. It is the sound of duende in full flight and that is why it succeeds with being such a timeless piece of communication soaked in divinity and the perfect dichotomy of joy and suffering.

Word By: Daniel James Newton

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