Tegan and Sara – Live at The Tivoli

Thoughts From Jas

April was a special month for music lovers, filled with many amazing musical performances; including a visit from the Canadian duo Tegan and Sara. The twin sisters who first shot to our attention in 1999, have just released their 7th album Heartthrob, a collection of songs inspired by 80s synth, power hooks and big electro beats. For those who have followed Tegan and Sara over the years, Heartthrob demonstrates a new direction for the duo, shifting from guitar folk rock to a more mainstream record that mixes past with present. For a duo who made their following from heartfelt acoustic/piano folk rock, such a shift may initially seem a ‘sell-out’, however in many regards nothing has really changed when it comes to ‘who’ Tegan and Sara are. On Stereogum, Liz Pelly writes:

“Heartthrob might sound like a radio-ready dance album to newcomers, but knowing the band’s deep-rooted history in…

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