SINGLE OF THE WEEK: “Silverline” by Hawkmoon


Artist: Hawkmoon
Song: Silverline

Hawkmoon are in full Rock N Roll revival mode with their fantastic new single “Silverline” which is out today.

Kicking off with a Beatlesesque Psych Pop guitar line, the song explodes into a groovy swagger that illustrates the bands enthusiasm for big hooks and tasty riffs. This is the kind of rock music that inspires you to dance as opposed to mosh and that makes it an extremely sophisticated piece of songwriting.

This is but a glimpse of what the band has in store for their upcoming debut album. There is a great hint of creative growth since the bands early material and its clear that “Silverline” is going to be one of the many examples of why Hawkmoon are a band to take notice of in 2017 and beyond.

By: Dan Newton

You can stream the song via this link:



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