SINGLE REVIEW: “Wake Up” by Foxsmith


The brand new FOXSMITH single “Wake Up” is a stunning piece of pop music covered in all kinds of melancholy swoon and deep hidden wounds. I’ve lived with this song for quite a while trying to determine where it sits in my life and why I found myself haunted by certain lyrical passages in the song. I know that pain being emoted and I understood all of that confusion that was exploding from the vocals. The beauty of a song like “Wake Up” is that the science of how the instruments interact is not the most vital part of the song, it is how the emotion is communicated and there is a deep heavy sigh at the centre of this song.

I love the vocal texture of the song; the down tempo drawl gives this song a maturity level that connects it directly to a band like The National with a very small hint of Ian Curtis mixed with the explosive excitement of Karen O. The whole point of this song is that it is a vehicle to help communicate a specific emotional experience and I think the pop song background matches the wonderfully sombre tone of the vocals.

“Wake Up” is a spectacular display of why FOXSMITH are so amazing. I initially fell in love with the bands ability to write great sombre pop music that had hints of sunshine and Kim Deal Koolisms and as the journey of their sound goes on I’m becoming increasingly attracted to the creative risks the band are taking through the pop music medium. I can’t really say what I was expecting from this single when I first heard of its pending release but when I finally heard it I was surprised, excited and totally moved by what I heard. I cheered for what a great creative leap the band had taken and it has made me crave a full length album because I can just imagine how wonderful this song would sound amongst a full movement of music. I really hope we get that full length sometime soon.

FOXSMITH are the band I’m excited about most when I talk about modern Brisbane music and “Wake Up” is a prime example of why I am so in love with what this band creates. It is also a pleasure as a music writer to write such a joyous critique of what this band creates because it is always absolutely flawless.

Go on the journey and find space in your schedule to fall in love with FOXSMITH too.

10 Cassette Tapes Out Of 10

By: Dan Newton

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